Bossing Arena - Exclusive Minigame
Greetings WarScapians, today we bring you the Bossing Arena which is a never before seen minigame exclusive to WarScape!

Simply select the Bossing Arena teleport in the Minigame teleports to access the area. Once there, climb over the Battlement to enter the Pre-game area. With a party of at least 3 players you will battle against 2 random bosses that have boosted Hp depending on the player count of the party.

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Patch Notes #20 - 11/16/2017
Greetings WarScapians, here is our patch notes for today:

--> Thanksgiving Mini-Event (Lasting until Nov. 20)

Speak with Geoffrey at home and he will tell you about how his big, fat Thanksgiving turkeys have escaped their pin! 13 of them are randomly located around Varrock, and Geoffrey wants you to slaughter them for their raw Turkey meat. Not only will he reward you nicely for collecting turkey meats, but each turkey can reward you up to 400k!

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