Patch Notes #8 - 9/20/2017
Greetings WarScapians, here's a list of today's patches:

> Added a spade to Barrows, right at the entrance

> Mithril Dragon will now drop dragon full helm and draconic vissage instead of a noted dark bow as rare drops

> Added more Mithril Dragons to the Ancient Cavern

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Patch Notes #7 - 9/18/2017
Greetings WarScapians, here is a list of the patches we've implemented today:

> Bonus days have been added:

Monday: Bonus Assault Points (50/50 chance of receiving an extra point per kill)
Tuesday: Bonus Barrows Loot (+20-25% more loot and +20% improved chance of receiving a piece of Barrows)
Wednesday: Bonus Slayer Points (+1-4 extra points per task)
Thursday: Bonus Pest Control Points (+7 extra points per game and x2 gp per game)
Friday: Pay Day (+250k extra per vote link and +100-1500 gp to your money pouch per monster you kill all day)
Weekend: Bonus Experience (1.5x Experience all weekend and this does NOT stack with the well)

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