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    Username: Iburn
    Username(s) of the staff member you're reporting: Hassan

    What did this person do: Kept teleporting me back to wild to "talk" with his mate there
    What rules were broken by this:
    How did this affect you: Could have died by pkp farming to his friend

    Involved players: Hassan;Iburn
    Involved staff members: Hassan

    The full story: I was apparently being toxic because some random guy came to star while I was mining it, and said he's a crappy pker because he can only kill miners, then Hassan tellied to me, so I immediately left. Didn't even see it was Hassan who tellied, because I saw the white dot and just tellyed. Then he teleported me back 2 times after I told him not to. Could have easily teleported to me at home, but he can "do either one"

    Proof (pictures or a video):
    Additional information:

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    Noted, this could've been handled with more style by @Hassan who seemed a little irritated to begin with.

    Thanks for bringing it up, of course this isn't a big deal so now that we've noticed it i'll go ahead and close this, nothing more to say on the subject.
    If you feel like there is still an issue to be worked out feel free to contact me ingame or pm me.


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