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    As we talked about in the discord, I thought it would be easy to make a thread about the perks for the donators vs the free to play guys. As far as I know because I don't know all of them.. So if you guys could help me out that would be nice.

    Perk Donator Non-donator
    Killstreak to enter godwars dungeon 10 Ks 25 Ks
    Donator island Yes, free tele No
    Potion decanter Yes and free of charge yes, but will cost you 250k per inventory
    Brawler gloves Won't degrade Will degrade
    Yell option Yes No
    Dragon tokens Won't consume Will consume
    Teleporting to Evil Tree Yes No
    Teleporting to Shooting Star Yes No

    The donator zone now has a super-donator area with it's own skilling zone, very close to each other to enable fast training. It also provides a never dying fire for firemaking, a cooking fire and a kingly impling
    This is all that I could think off.. please help me out with this if you want because it would be easier for those that are new to the server.
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    There's also ::crashedstar to teleport you directly to the crashed star, and ::eviltree to teleport you directly to the evil tree.
    also, donator island teleport is ::dzone
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    Great guide, just wish it had benefits for other donor ranks as well.
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