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    just a thread for me to post some of my ideas and suggestions. im also going to try to focus on smaller qol updates and minor additions to various content to add depth. but that dosnt mean there arent any larger jobs sprinkled in

    agility: i would like to see an alternative to the wilderness agility coarse, possibly one of the other coarses through out the game or possibly even a custom one but the current selection is vastly lacking. possibly make a coarse that requires the agil armor to be equipped in order to use it.

    Hunter: hunter has allot of room for improvement considering how you could potentially incorporate it.

    black chinchompas: a wilderness (and possibly extreme donator zone) hunter npc that would have 2-3 spots with tightly packed spawns allowing for very rapid exp gain at the risk of being pked, these spots could also be put into 3-4 different spots in the wild to make it a bit more varied and encourage roaming the wild.

    red chin clusters in jungle
    : to give more skilling opportunity in the jungle i would like to see 2-5 clusters of 2 red chins with tight spawn points (3 tiles away max) you could also possibly add another hunter method there but thats upto you.

    Implings: this can apply to all implings but im mostly referring to kinglys, it would be nice to see them in more places than just puro puro and sdz. my suggestion is to add several kinglys spread around the game 1 in wildy 1 in the ancient jungle 1 in reg donator island 1 in varrock castle and 1-2 in some other random spots in addition to this it would also be neat to see a couple of the higher level implings having random/funny/ironic spawnpoints (dragon imps in dragon pit, ninja imps in agil areas etc...) largely to add depth to the game.

    just a couple minor suggestions for dung...

    5 man teams: fix them? nuff really said i think lol..

    higher complexity's/more floors: again i think the suggestion speaks for itself

    Farming: needs a bit of work... there are a few options to help out but i say add them all.

    More patch locations: unlocked based on farm lvl (2nd patch at 60 3rd at 80 4th at 92) + 1 in regular donator zone and 1 more in the extreem donator zone.

    tree farming: tree seeds are in the game we have no use for them why not add it to farming? can also do a similar system to what i listed above with more patches becoming available based on level.

    increased Maximum crop yeild: self exclamatory really? yeh..

    Smithing: just a couple minor updates to smithing

    increased exp yield from producing bars: < read.

    re-balance the smiting exp to where the exp given is based on how many bars are being used and make it very slightly better to do 1 bar over 2 bar or 2 bar over 3 etc... for example rune bolts currently give 13500 exp with well active so make all 1 bar items 13500 xp all 2 bar items give 26500 3 bar items give 39000 etc...

    Summoning: just one here please for the love of the cosmos add a bank at summoning tele lol...

    Evil trees: at the moment are largely unused dispite them being made profitable to cut my guess for why is that the exp is still comparable to magics and its not afk like the star is. my recommendation is simple either decrease the rate at how often the evil tree is felled or disable the feature allong with this i also recommend increasing its yeild to match that of the star and make it so you can burn it on the fire at home up to a maximum of 100 (so that super donator zone fire still has an advantage)

    all shop suggestions will go here.

    Skillpoint shop (2)
    add a second shop for skillpoints that includes female elegant clothing and possibly some other cosmetics. or even some exclusive equipment?

    God arrows: at the moment people are charging 100k or more for god arrows they are getting from a shop for 25k my suggestion is to add them in the form of packs(of 100) into several different shops (tokkul shop bosspoint shop skillpoint shop assult shop etc...) for reasonable prices so as to make these arrows more obtainable in the quantity they are needed in.

    pristige shop: could definently use a bit of improvement maybe adding in 3rd age peices to pristinge shop would be neat also adding a talisman in the shop for 100 pristige points that teleport s the player to a prestige guild with some useful stuff possibly even some kind of additional miniquest?

    Tokkul shop price re-balance: to make the shop at least somewhat useful also couldn't hurt to possibly add tzhar rapier or even the obsidian armor that was released on osrs maybe with a set effect boosting obby weapons

    Bosspoint store:
    remove some of the more junky items and replace them with things such as elder maul twisted buckler and possibly dyes for the various custom whips/claws and possibly even 3rd age armor sets?

    WHAT THE FUCK YO... please for the love of the cosmos change this to 1 god sword or just change it entirely

    Quests: more please

    i could literally write quests all day and i'm sure others could as well would be neat to have a monthly contest to write a quest and have it added into the game especially if you come up with a template to make the scripts as easy to translate to code as possible aka have people provide the dialogue already cut up into the proper # of characters provide npc ids and possibly even coordinates? i feel like this would be great for community building.

    Sagittarius and Celestial sets: this has been suggested before directly to devs and is on other threads but im including it anyway

    i think that both of these sets need to have their own way of being introduced into the game that is unique to the set. being tier 99 untradable armors for range and magic they will be quite powerful and will need quite a challenge and quite a grind to obtain them so here are a couple breif concepts for mini quests to obtain the sets. if you want a fully written out version id be happy to.

    the Celestial Cult: the player finds an exit from the ancient jungle that leads them into an ancient city(north of ancient jungle) filled with the undead (requires completion of the spider coven to tier 3) upon entering the city the player attempts to speak with the only non undead being they could find an ogre shaman who knocks out the player with magic the player wakes up to a strange cave with another prisoner and so begins a miniguest to kill the shaman for the celestial staff and then collect the various focus gems from the undead creatures that allow the player to teleport to the celestial cultists via various portals scattered about in the city each cultist is able to drop 1 specific piece and can only be reached using the focus crystal corresponding to their portal, they can only be harmed with the celestial staff equipped.

    the Eye of Sagittarius: the player happens upon a 1 eyed stranger standing by a boat who asks the player about the spider coven, to which the player rapidly responds bragging about how they happen to have obtained tier 3 within the coven. to this the stranger will reply happily and offer to take the player on a ride to a nearby island upon arriving at the island the stranger has revealed him self to be Sagittarius a demigod who's eye was stolen and his power with it, from here the player will be set upon the task of retrieving the eye by retrieving 3 keys to a chest and the eye from the chest to Sagittarius upon doing so he begins to mock the player and after a short dialogue disappears, the player then gets a chilling feeling telling them that it feels like the spider queen wants to speak with them. upon speaking with the queen and her explaining that the spiders had sealed Sagittarius by stealing his eye and only an esteemed member of the coven could retrieve it because of the seals on the keys. the spider queen then tells you that she has trapped Sagittarius but to truly seal him he must have his bow stolen the spider queen then tells the player a method of crafting spider silk gloves of silence and a potion to allow the player to steal the bow., once the player has stolen the bow the queen moves Sagittarius to a permanent chamber accessed from within the cave by the spider coven in which the player can kill Sagittarius for his armor. (he would be very very strong to balance out not needing to get drops to kill him and also have fairly low drop rates)

    again i can write out a full concept if u want it.

    will add more once i think of them i'm done typing for the moment...
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    Damn simply support all of this. Although, I think adding hilts somewhere would help with the godsword thing. I mean the blades aren't the problem, clearly getting a hilt is what is the hardest part of that achievement..
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