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Thread: The Romantic Adventures of Jerry and Phill [Story Part 1]

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    CHAPTER 1 : The Adventure Begins

    It was on a hot summer day in Hawaii and the snow down between our legs. I was coming around the ally in New York City where I stumbled upon a majestic Hot Dog Stand. He had a long dark furry scarf that wrapped around his neck, the cold air that flowed between his long elegant hazel hair and diamond shaped eyes. He was a true Californian Rock Star. I walked up to him and asked him for the best Frank he had around town, he glanced at me and gave a charming wink and grin. Being that we were in the middle of Memphis Tennessee you can clearly tell that he was a prodigy just by the way he looked at me. He spoke with a strong British accent, "I, Malcolm, desire you to take on this special task at hand," I questioned to myself, "What about? And where's my wiener? I'm hungry for a foot long right about now," the man interrupts, "Hotdogs? I don't sell hotdogs, this is Tennessee, we only sell Waffles and Barbecue Ribs around this area of the world," I scratched my head, "I see, well, I guess I better be off my way," before I left, having my visual off of him, my shoulder is tapped two times. As I quickly glance back nobody was there. The man who was not selling hotdogs but actually cotton candy appeared to be busy with other customers. However I felt a strange fabric inside of my left pocket. As I opened it, it was hard, round and thick. Grasping it, I found a mysterious triangular shaped box. As I opened it, it appeared to be a message given to me by a mysterious being who I did not truly make contact with.

    As I went home back at Florida Avenue in San Diego area, back where George Washington first met eyes with the beautiful Cleopatra, I began to open up the compartment. A woman with an elegant red dress appeared before me. She was a Goddess in terms of Goddesses, she was a chick. As she chirped on and on, a man within the message appeared, "Hey you! Stop that! Blasted Chickens! Why do I even have them in my quarters in the first place?" He glances right at me, "Oh hey, I am, the great Gary, a man with many tales, I have given you this message to inform you of your first quest," he sits back on his chair desk and lays about, "You see, I have little time to live, all I have left are these two left hands," I just watched curiously, "What does this have to do with me?" I wondered to myself, Gary continues on, "You might be wondering to yourself, what does this have to do with you? For all you know, you're no longer in Florida Avenue, perhaps you're in China due to the huge Climate Change epidemic, but that's for another talk for another time," he adds, "Now, the reason why I gave you this message is to warn you about the coming of a great evil that must be stopped, only you can do it. Within the compartment, there is a message, find the message and watch it, once you do, you will be able to unfold the great secrets of the evil that has yet to exist, do you understand?" The man looks frantic, "Hurry now! I believe they found me! You need to get out of here quick!" He quickly grabs the message and puts it into a compartment, the video message ends. As I look into the triangle box, I find a box inside of the box, apparently, inside of that box was a folder with information which could only be opened with a Computer. I quickly grab the folder and put the folder into a USB this way I will be able to read what is in the Folder from my USB that I will be looking at through my computer. However, because I did not pay the electric bill, I am unable to read what is inside of the folder and because I do not have a device to transfer the folder into the USB, I will need to go to a nearby Library in order to unveil the dark secrets which will end the world.

    I end up going deep within the Ancient City of Damascus in search for what is called the Great Library of Alexandria, one that once lived long ago before it was destroyed. This was where I met a Swedish man by the name of Jerry as well as his lover, Phil. Phil was a Frenchie with long wavy-curly hair, with purple-green eyes from Brazil, who caught captive by pirates with the Bubonic plague, luckily Jerry was known to be a Lawyer and was able to cure the pirates with the disease thus saving Phil, eventually the two fell in love and got married in China. Jerry also told me that Phil was also a famous explorer way before she left home to fulfill her dream of discovering where the concept and study of Biology came from including how physics and chemistry worked. Phil was a beautiful woman, hot, tan, and with the body of a Hour Glass. As Jerry, Phil, and myself carried on this task to discover the Great Mysterious Library of Alexandria, we are stopped by a Pale-looking man who stopped us along our way through the Mongolian Plains. He wore bandages all over his body and appeared to have a lust for beautiful women. As the man charged toward Phil, Jerry quickly appears out of nowhere and jabs the pale looking man right toward his Adam's apple, he falls unconscious. We then continued our journey toward Japan in search for the Library of Alexandria.

    Meanwhile elsewhere, while I was adventuring with two lovers, deep within the dark catacombs of Denmark, on a maleficent mountain appeared to be claimed the King of Denmark himself. He looked down the small town and his people. He wore a dark obsidian toned suit, with a crimson red tie and rose. With a glass in hand, he looked directly down, all were happy and calm. Snow covered the land, but many lived indoors and never left outside for the Vampires ruled these lands now. The door behind the King of Denmark opened, it was a politician from America, "Great Darklord," as he bowed down with a folder in hand, "We have news of a person that goes by the name of I, myself, my, or me, mattering how you pronounce their name, that is how you state it," the Great Darklord's face cannot be seen as it is completely in darkness, only his hands, rose, and drink can be seen, his dark red malevolent eyes glow in the darkness as an assassin speaks for him instead, he puts on a menacing looking while he clutches his hands like some type of evil mastermind, "I see, all is going according to plan, however, keep watching those three, it might be vital to our cause," the politician ascends upward, "As you wish, Emperor of Darkness," he leaves the room and the door shuts close, leaving darkness to eat away in the room.

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