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    Greetings WarScapians!

    We hope you have all had an amazing Christmas and New Years!

    After enjoying a well deserved holiday we're back on the job. Here's to ring in the new year:

    > Added a shortcut to the ancient jungle, requiring both an agility level of 95 and a spider covenant level 3. The shortcut will instantly take you to the spider queen room.

    > Removed the fire pit objects at Corporeal Beast since they prevented people from picking up drops

    > Added Celestial gear to the game and made it the strongest magic setup in the game

    > Added the Arcane minigame to the spider covenant area, this minigame can be accessed after reaching level 3 in the covenant ranks. This minigame is SAFE

    I'd like to explain the new update more than we usually elaborate on our work, lets see how that goes.

    The Arcane minigame & Celestial gear

    The Forgotten Mage is the most powerful and ascended sorcerer WarScape has ever seen.

    You will have to defeat 3 of his creations to even get to him.
    His 3 reborn mages will test your skills in the arcane.

    The first round you'll face off against a regular Reborn Mage.
    This creature will strike you with weakening spells and shadow barrage.

    The second round you'll be pitted against a Lesser Reborn Mage.
    This creature will hit you with earth wave, while also taking 10% of your current prayer down each time it hits.

    The third round you'll be tested gainst a Greater Reborn Mage.
    This creature has more defense and will hit you with all 3 god spells, takin a stunning 50% of your current prayer down per hit.

    All 3 of the creatures are immune to melee/ranged combat style and can only be harmed by magic.
    Additionally they have a slight chance to perform a bonus fireball spell, completely ignoring your prayer.

    You'll have to manage your inventory carefully, and bring the right supplies to survive these rounds.

    After the 3 rounds, the Forgotten Mage himself will battle you to see who is the superior mage.

    His regular spell consists of a purple curse which after a short delay will hit you 3 times.
    His first special spell fires a fireball similar to the Reborn Mages have. This fireball ignores prayer and can deal up to 200 damage.
    His secondary special spell summons a tornado made of sand to wreck you. This attack ignores prayer and deals up to 300 damage.
    His third special spell sends off a strong lightning attack to shock you. This attack ignores prayer and deals up to 400 damage.

    The Forgotten Mage cannot be harmed by any type of magic and has insane resistances versus ranged.
    It is recommended to use a melee combat style to bring him down.

    The Forgotten Mage is sturdy and can deal heavy damage, especially if multiple special spells are triggered in succesion.
    Your priority in this fight is to maintain your prayer, without it you will be completely shredded.
    Even with prayer up though, his special spells are able to deplete your health all the same, so be careful.

    After defeating the Forgotten Mage you will be teleported back with a reward added to your inventory.
    Defeating the Forgotten Mage yields you a slight chance to obtain Celestial gear.

    Celestial gear is the top tier gear for mages, granting stats surpassing any other mage setup.
    Wearing the full set (hood, robetop, robelegs, gloves and boots) also grants a 1 in 10 chance to reduce incoming damage by 80%.
    The Celestial staff is the strongest staff in the game and can be used for any type of magic casting.

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