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Thread: Loyalty Points to Game Points - New Points system?

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    Dear WarScape developers, I am here to bring you an idea on your current loyalty points function. I believe loyalty points serve no purpose in this game, titles can be earned in multitudes of other ways. Getting titles is the only thing to do with them and the players who have 200k+ and have all of the titles are sitting here like 'wtf do I do now'. So, here is my proposal to an alternative which will make players more interest and hardcore about the server.

    Game Points, these are points earned as you play the game through skilling and combat. I'm sure you're thinking ' What'll we do with skilling points? You're such a loser for not realizing this!''. These are safe to stay as they still provide a purpose for getting gear not usually available. 'Well what about bossing points, we need those for gear!'. Bossing has been around for ages, it's the core and the grind of servers. Removing bossing points will make players need to grind more for what they want instead of giving them a guaranteed drop through points.

    Game points would allow players to grind the game and in return receive buffs to progress them more quickly and efficiently. I'll be giving a rough view of what I think is interesting and that you guys can work with if you decide it's a GREAT idea like I do .

    Alright, I was thinking for skilling you get a certain amount of game points (GP) for every skill you do and for every resource. Let's say 65 GP per ore mined, log cut, brew made, etc. As for combat you could increase the GP as the mob difficulty increases, so a yak would be a lot less than Cerberus. That's the main idea...

    Now onto the buffs for gaining GP. These are based on my ideas alone and stand as an example, I think these would be the best rewards :P.


    ::showgpr / ::hidegpr (This will show or hide the gpr in chat while bossing or skilling)

    ::gpr (Shows the game point rewards, which are listed below)

    ::checkgpr (This shows how many gpr you have if your gpr is on ::hidegpr)

    5,000 POINTS

    ::skilldrops (Automatic bone burying and herb cleaning 1HR)

    10,000 POINTS

    ::coindrops (Tradable NPC drops worth less than 100k will be converted to coins 1HR)

    15,000 POINTS

    ::inventorydrops (NPC drops will be placed in the inventory 1HR)
    ::moresuccess (Cooking and Thieving percentages increased 1HR)

    25,000 POINTS

    ::meleeweakness (All NPCs will be weaker to melee 1HR)
    ::rangeweakness (All NPCs will be weaker to range 1HR)
    ::magicweakness (All PNCs will be weaker to magic 1HR)

    30,000 POINTS

    ::moreskills (Items obtained from skilling will be obtained more quickly 1 HR)
    ::doublegpr (All game point rewards will be doubled 1HR)

    35,000 POINTS

    ::weakness (All NPCs will be very weak to combat 1HR)

    40,000 POINTS

    ::forceaggro (NPCs will be aggressive to the player 1HR)

    50,000 POINTS

    ::betterdrops (All drop amounts will be doubled 1HR)

    150,000 POINTS

    ::bankdrops (NPC drops will be placed in the bank 1HR)

    The ::commands will be used to activate the buff if the player has acquired enough points. Thanks for reading this and let me know if it's a good idea!

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    I thoroughly enjoy the thought put into the proposal, and I support it for the most part. The only thing that I see as problematic is the doubled drop rate. I think it should be more towards a 50% increased drop rate, depending on the difficulty of obtaining 50,000 points. Other than that, it is a seemingly genuine idea and wouldn't mind seeing it implemented. Thanks for the post, Hassan.
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    Love the idea. Great job Hassan.
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