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    Hello WarScapians, welcome to our latest patch notes!

    We've made some small tweaks to the game and released a new minigame!

    > Saradomin Halo, Zamorak Halo and Guthix Halo have been added to the game, they are obtained in the Balance War minigame

    > While wielding the Saradomin Halo, Saradomin arrow effect (
    1/4) will now deal triple damage and freeze your target for twice the duration

    > While wielding the Guthix Halo, Guthix arrow effect (
    1/3) will now deal triple damage and heal you for twice the normal amount

    > While wielding the Zamorak Halo, Zamorak arrow effect (
    1/7) will now have a (1/5) chance of triggering instead, and is no longer capped at 500 damage
    This means the Zamorak arrow can hit half the health of a boss in a single hit

    > While wielding a halo, the
    Godsword of it's respective god recieves bonus damage (50 + your hit/10) on each hit
    Saradomin Halo empowers the Saradomin Godsword, Zamorak Halo empowers the Zamorak Godsword and Guthix Halo empowers Bandos/Armadyl Godswords

    > Green dragons now drop Green Dragon Boots

    > Blue dragons now drop Blue Dragon Boots

    > Red dragons now drop regular Dragon Boots

    > Black dragons now drop Black Dragon Boots

    > White dragons now drop White Dragon Boots (and still drop the brown version it currently drops)

    > Golden dragons now drop Yellow Dragon Boots

    > A web ladder has been added to Brimhaven Dungeon, this ladder will take you straight to the metal dragons (requires at least level 1 in spider covenant)

    Balance War

    Guthix himself needs your help!

    You will find him in Draynor Village, but it's Draynor frozen in time.
    A war is about to be fought between the Gnomes and Goblins.

    In this minigame you will take part in the war with only one goal: Destroy both armies and help prevent a chain of wars to come!
    You will receive unimaginable power from Guthix to do this, and will take the form of a Balance Elemental

    After defeating 100 mobs, the armies will stop their fighting and you will win!
    Upon winning the Balance War minigame you will receive anywhere from 5-30 Balance Points.
    These points can be spent in the shop Guthix provides.

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    buying halos 1.5b each
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