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    Hello, these are just a few ideas.

    -Occult Necklace Drop
    -Smoke Battlestaff
    -(Custom) Smoke Spirit Shield- acts like an divine, so has a higher chance of damage soaking.

    - (Custom) New Skotizo Armour- created by attaching 'Ancient Shard Pieces' to Statius/Vesta/Morrigans/Zuriels. For improved stats, (a purple/black look to the Armour)
    -Magic Anicent shard
    -Melee Ancient Shard
    -Range Ancient Shard

    Battle Mages - Mage Arena nps:
    -These drop Holy,Balanced,Unbalanced Shards (8 shards needed per cape)
    -Talk to Kolodion at the area- who will teleport you to area with the chosen god boss
    -Derwin (Guthix) killed to achieve the Guthix imbued cape
    -Justiciar Zachariah (Saradomin) killed to achieve Saradomin imbued cape
    -Porazdir (Zamorak) killed to achieve Zamarok imbued cape.

    Blood Armour:

    Gold Armour-

    Cursed Armour-

    Toxic Armour-

    Hope you liked some of my ideas, please comment your opinions, be truthful! Thanks

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    I like the mage arena, and others. But you lost me adding in custom armor. That's what I was trying to stay away from, it just makes the game look glitchy and buggy imo.
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