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    In Warscape, Herblore is an extremely versatile skill involving the cleaning of herbs and mixing them with secondary ingredients to create potions. For those new to this server, Herblore is a vital skill to raise if you intend to obtain higher level potions. Most potions cannot be purchased via a shop, and must be obtained either through Herblore or monster drops. This guide is intended to be a resource for level requirements, experience rates, and some miscellaneous tips which will hopefully prove useful in effectively raising this skill.

    In order to gain experience in herblore, potions must be crafted from three basic ingredients: a vial of water, a cleaned herb, and a secondary ingredient. The following section will explain how to get these ingredients.
    The main ingredient needed is a grimy herb, which must be cleaned before it can be used to craft a potion. Currently, there are 16 different herbs in Warscape that can be used for creating potions. The most difficult part of training herblore can be obtaining any decent herbs you need to effectively raise the skill. Luckily, there are several methods you can use to get a good cache of herbs.
    1. Farming
    Farming can be a slower way to get herbs; however, it can be a great way to get any specific herbs you may need. In addition, you can allow your herb plants to grow while training other skills. All herb seeds can be bought from Martin the Master Gardener at the Farming teleport.
    2. Monster Drops
    There are several monsters that can drop large numbers of noted and/or unnoted grimy herbs. For example, brutal green dragons (level-227) in the Ancient Cavern drop a variety of herbs in quantities ranging from 10-20 of an herb in a drop. Cave bugs in the Ancient Jungle can drop any herb noted up to 25 in number. Several bosses, such as Corporeal Beast, can also drop a large number of herbs at once.
    Most monsters will also drop a casket, which may randomly give you a stack of noted herbs.
    3. Skill Point Shop
    If you do not mind spending your skilling points on something not cosmetic, there is a fantastic way of getting guam leaves, harralanders, ranarr weeds, kwuarms, and cadantines. For 300 skilling points, you can buy a bag of herbs, which gives anywhere from 5-120 herbs per bag. You will receive 1-3 different kinds of herbs in each bag, and can be a great way to obtain a large number of certain herbs within a short period of time.
    4. Extreme Donator Zone
    For players with extreme donator, legendary donator, or veteran status, you can visit the Extreme Donator Zone (accessed by ::edz), where two herb bushes can be found. These special bushes can be looted for a random grimy herb and can be looted indefinitely for multiple herbs.

    When a clean herb is added to a vial of water, it creates an unfinished potion. A secondary ingredient must be added to the unfinished potion to create a potion. The main location for vials of water and secondary ingredients is the Herblore teleport area. In order to reach this area, open your stats tab and click on the Herblore icon.
    Within this area are two useful NPC's. The first is Karim, who will gladly decant all of your lower-dose potions into four doses each for 250,000 gold (free if player is a donator). The second is a druid spirit, who sells vials of water, grimy guam herbs, an ingredients book, and every secondary ingredient you will ever need. The ingredients book is a very useful source of information for finding out the level requirements and ingredients needed for each potion, which I will go over later in this guide.

    This section shows the amount of experience received in herblore for cleaning each type of herb. Numbers in this color indicate experience gained without the Well of Goodwill or bonus experience day (1.5X), and this color is the experience gained when the Well of Goodwill or bonus experience day (1.5X) is active.

    (Level 1) Guam Leaf
    Cleaning Experience: 104/156

    (Level 5) Marrentil
    Cleaning Experience: 124/186

    (Level 11) Tarromin
    Cleaning Experience: 168/252

    (Level 20) Harralander
    Cleaning Experience: 228/342

    (Level 25) Ranarr Weed
    Cleaning Experience: 252/379

    (Level 30) Toadflax
    Cleaning Experience: 290/435

    (Level 30) Wergali
    Cleaning Experience: 290/435

    (Level 35) Spirit Weed
    Cleaning Experience: 321/482

    (Level 40) Irit Leaf
    Cleaning Experience: 357/536

    (Level 48) Avantoe
    Cleaning Experience: 388/582

    (Level 54) Kwuarm
    Cleaning Experience: 436/654

    (Level 59) Snapdragon
    Cleaning Experience: 476/714

    (Level 65) Cadantine
    Cleaning Experience: 530/795

    (Level 67) Lantadyme
    Cleaning Experience: 588/883

    (Level 70) Dwarf Weed
    Cleaning Experience: 647/971

    (Level 75) Torstol
    Cleaning Experience: 774/1162

    (Level ??) Ardrigal
    Cleaning Experience: ??/??

    (Level ??) Snake Weed
    Cleaning Experience: ??/??

    This section shows the amount of experience received in herblore for adding a secondary ingredient to an unfinished potion. Numbers in this color indicate experience gained without the Well of Goodwill or bonus experience day (1.5X), and this color is the experience gained when the Well of Goodwill or bonus experience day (1.5X) is active.
    Note: Adding a clean herb to a vial of water will always give 1 experience point.

    (Level 1) Attack Potion (Guam Leaf/Eye of Newt)
    Effect: Temporarily increases Attack level by 10% +3
    Experience: 2583/3875

    (Level 12) Strength Potion (Tarromin/Limpwurt Root)
    Effect: Temporarily increases Strength level by 10% +3
    Experience: 5166/7750

    (Level 13) Antipoison (Marrentil/Unicorn Horn Dust)
    Effect: Cures poison and provides immunity for ~86 seconds.
    Experience: 3926/5890

    (Level 15) Serum 207 (Tarromin/Ashes)
    Effect: ???
    Experience: ???/???

    (Level 22) Restore Potion (Harralander/Red Spiders' Eggs)
    Effect: Restores combat-related stats back to normal by 30% of level +10
    Experience: 6510/9765

    (Level 26) Energy Potion (Harralander/Chocolate Dust)
    Effect: Restores 10% of run energy
    Experience: 7026/10540

    (Level 30) Defense Potion (Ranarr Weed/White Berries)
    Effect: Temporarily increases Defense level by 10% +3
    Experience: 7750/11625

    (Level 34) Agility Potion (Toadflax/Toad's Legs)
    Effect: +3 Agility
    Experience: 8266/12400

    (Level 36) Combat Potion (Harralander/Goat Horn Dust)
    Effect: Same as both Attack Potion and Strength Potion
    Experience: 8680/13020

    (Level 38) Prayer Potion (Ranarr Weed/Snape Grass)
    Effect: Restores 25% of your total Prayer points + 7
    Experience: 9093/13640

    (Level 40) Summoning Potion (Spirit Weed/Cockatrice Egg)
    Effect: Restores 25% of your total Summoning points + 7
    Experience: 9506/14260

    (Level 42) Crafting Potion (Wergali/Frog Spawn)
    Effect: +3 Crafting
    Experience: 9506/14260

    (Level 45) Super Attack (Irit Leaf/Eye of Newt)
    Effect: Temporarily increases Attack level by 15% +5
    Experience: 10333/15500

    (Level 48) Superantipoison (Irit Leaf/Unicorn Horn Dust)
    Effect: Cures poison and provides immunity for ~346 seconds
    Experience: 10643/15965

    (Level 50) Fishing Potion (Avantoe/Snape Grass)
    Effect: +3 Fishing
    Experience: 10953/16430

    (Level 53) Hunter Potion (Avantoe/Kebbit Teeth Dust)
    Effect: +3 Hunter
    Experience: 11366/17050

    (Level 55) Super Strength (Kwuarm/Limpwurt Root)
    Effect: Temporarily increases Strength level by 15% +5
    Experience: 12916/19375

    (Level 58) Fletching Potion (Wergali/Wimpy Feather)
    Experience: ???/???

    (Level 60) Weapon Poison (Kwuarm/Dragon Scale Dust)
    Effect: Poisons various weapons
    Experience: 14260/21390

    (Level 63) Super Restore (Snapdragon/Red Spiders' Eggs)
    Effect: Restores all combat-related stats, including Prayer points, by 25% +8
    Experience: 14776/22165

    (Level 66) Super Defense (Cadantine/White Berries)
    Effect: Temporarily increases Defense level by 15% +5
    Experience: 15500/23250

    (Level 69) Anti-fire Potion (Lantadyme/Dragon Scale Dust)
    Effect: Provides some resistance to dragons breath
    Experience: 16326/24490

    (Level 72) Ranging Potion (Dwarf Weed/Wine of Zamorak)
    Effect: Temporarily increases Ranging level by 10% +4
    Experience: 16843/25265

    (Level 76) Magic Potion (Lantadyme/Potato Cactus)
    Effect: +4 Magic
    Experience: 17876/26815

    (Level 78) Zamorak Brew (Torstol/Jangerberries)
    Effect: Increases Strength level by 12% +2, Attack level by 20% +2, and lowers Defense level and remaining Constitution by 10%+2

    (Level 81) Saradomin Brew (Toadflax/Crushed Bird's Nest)
    Effect: Increases Defense level and Constitution but lowers Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged levels
    Experience: 18600/27900

    (Level 85) Super Antifire (Antifire Potion (3)/Phoenix Feather)
    Effect: Provides more resistance to dragons breath
    Experience: 21700/32550

    (Level 88) Extreme Attack (Super Attack (3)/Avantoe)
    Effect: Temporarily increases Attack level by 25%
    Experience: 5721/8582

    (Level 89) Extreme Strength (Super Strength (3)/Dwarf Weed)
    Effect: Temporarily increases Strength level by 25%
    Experience: 6138/9208

    (Level 90) Extreme Defense (Super Defense (3)/Lantadyme)
    Effect: Temporarily increases Defense level by 25%
    Experience: 6460/9690

    (Level 92) Extreme Ranging (Ranging Potion (3)/5 Grenwall Spikes)
    Effect: Temporarily increases Ranged level by 25%
    Experience: 7651/11477

    (Level 93) Extreme Magic (Magic Potion (3)/Ground Mud Runes)
    Effect: Temporarily increases Magic level by 25%
    Experience: 6985/10478

    (Level 94) Super Prayer (Prayer Potion (3)/Spirit Weed)
    Effect: Restores 35% of total Prayer points +70 *NOTE: CURRENTLY GLITCHED. DOES NOT WORK
    Experience: 27900/41850

    (Level 96) Overload (Extreme Attack (3)/Extreme Strength (3)/Extreme Defense (3)/Extreme Ranging(3)/Extreme Mage(3))
    Effect: Damages 50% of user's constitution in five hits, then temporarily increases Attack, Strength, Defense, Ranged, and Magic levels by 25% for six minutes.
    Experience: 16923/25385

    *There are several items in this guide with question marks in place of experience rates. These items are currently not functional in Warscape (yet), so they will not have rates added unless fixed.
    *The experience rates
    in this color may be off by one experience point because they were rounded down from calculating the experience rates in this color.
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