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    - Name: Daniel-Kenneth
    - Username: 7
    - How long have you been with Warscape: About 8 days but played same source server for 6 months before warscape.
    - What rank are you applying for: Support
    - Do you have experience with this position: I have been support once before and moderaator and admin(head moderaator(staff manager) for few times.
    - Why should we pick you, What makes you unique: I have a lġng relationship with runescape and private servers, I am friendly, helpful and mature enaugh to be outstanding member of staff team.
    - Additional information:
    I am dedicated to warscape and I love to spend every minute of my free time playing it.I also understand that this application might seem to be made a bit early but I think my previous experience with being a staff member is making it up,
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