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Thread: Just a break.. NOT QUITTING!

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    Hello all my dear friends,

    As of yesterday, I resigned as being a moderator not cause of anyone in the server or anything about the server. I'll forever love this server and most of the people in it. You all were basically family to me, we had our ups and downs but I'll always remember the good times so you better to! But sadly, I have to part ways for the time being and start focusing on getting my life together, big things are coming up for me and big changes are as well.

    First off, this may shock some of you but some of you knew this already. I'm currently 23, about to be 24 and I haven't finished High School. I dropped out in 10th grade to start working full time to help my single mom pay bills ( since my grandmother passed away a lot of bills started to pile up and caused her so much stress ) but I recently enrolled back into school to get my GED, which I'm gonna bust my butt and go further and get my Diploma.

    I'll be going to a school known as "Job Corps" it's where I can get that done, my drivers license, and job training to help out when I finish. I'll be doing all 3 of those and will be living on campus, so I won't have access to Warscape anymore. I'm going to be working on Computer repairs, Office administration, and Security.

    Some of you are asking how long will I be gone, I can't tell you exactly how long I'll be gone but if I go in there and bust my butt I could be out in 3 months or less or I can be in there for months.. or even years. But I'll remain active on forums for the time being and since I can come home on the weekends I'll drop by in game every now and then to see the changes.

    I hope to see the server grow as much as possible and I'll always be here ( in discord as well ) it was truly the best server I've ever played and why I refuse to just quit.

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    Good luck in school, do your best for us. Peace
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