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Thread: Sea Troll Queen (STQ) Guide / Loot from 500 STQ Kills

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    Guide for Sea Troll Queen / Loot from 500 Kills

    Loot Breakdown from Left to Right
    Brackish Blade x28
    Fishbowl Helmet x20
    Blue Charm x3 (Come in stacks of 15)
    Casket x59
    Diving Apparatus x37
    Ancient Coin x47
    Gold Charm x3 (Come in stacks of 15)
    Clean Kwuarm x16 (Come in stacks of 50)
    Red Vine Worm x9 (Come in stacks of 50)
    Green Charm x3 (Come in stacks of 15)
    Octopus x3
    Clean Rannar x7 (Come in stacks of 50)
    Dragon Plate Armour Set (lg) x4
    Puffer x1
    Ornate Katana x6
    Flippers x2
    Mudskipper Hat x1
    Blood Abyssal Whip x2

    Critiques for the Boss
    The boss, for the most part, is really well balanced. It's not a difficult boss, nor quite simple boss. The drop table seems to be steady and balanced enough, but the drop rate of the ancient coin could use an increase. It's really rare to get an ancient coin drop, and when you do, it's only 1. So, in order to have a somewhat alternative to the Jungle King to get full Sag, I suggest increasing the drop rate of the ancient coin. Doing so will create another alternative way to get full Sag, but also still leave it being a long and excruciating process to get the set via the Sea Troll Queen.

    Strategy for the Sea Troll Queen
    As stated before, the Sea Troll Queen isn't too difficult of a boss, so learning how to efficiently defeat this boss isn't difficult.

    Recommended Gear

    Pernix with pegasian boots, ring of wealth, Zamorak Halo, Golden Tok, and Twisted Bow with Zammy arrows is sufficent enough to efficiently defeat this boss. A valid alternative to this is to use full Sagittarius with the rest being the same. This gear will maximize the kills you can get each and every inventory.

    Recommended Inventory Setup

    Using the recommended gear above, 4 prayer potions is sufficient enough to get you through all the rocktails you will be bringing. Reserve 4 spots for Prayer Potions (4), one spot for a pak yak pouch for encase your pak yak gets ready to disappear, and fill the rest of your inventory and your familiar with rocktails. These supplies and gear setup will get you to 15-25 kills each and every inventory.

    Recommended Prayers

    Protect Melee will protect you from all attacks being thrown at you, and Rigour provides the greatest amount of boost to your range out of all prayers in all prayer books. This will allow you to have the largest amount of range damage possible, while also providing additional protection.

    Strategy for Killing the Sea Troll Queen

    The process for killing the Sea Troll Queen is quite simple.

    Stand in this spot.

    In this spot, the sea trolls and the queen will both auto-target you to begin with. Additionally, in this spot, you can pick up the items without moving that the Queen drops. Throughout the entirety of the time here, you do not have to move from this spot. After killing the Sea Trolls 4-5 times each they will stop auto-targeting you, as will the Queen. After this, you can just worry about killing the Queen when she respawns and only the Queen. From this spot, the rest is self explanatory. Stand in this spot, attack the Queen. Make sure to PROTECT MELEE, both the Queen and Trolls attack with melee. Do not switch from protect melee.


    I will be giving away:
    1x Katana
    1x Dragon Plate Armour Set (lg)
    1x Octopus

    Leave a comment concerning the thread (Critique on how to make the guide better, just a general statement, compliment, or other)

    Leave a comment stating which boss you would like to see next
    (Corporeal Beast, Scorpia, Kalphite Queen, Glacors, or Cerberus)

    Note: Leaving a critique on how to better the guide may grant you a second entry.

    Thank you and good luck Troll Hunting!
    - Monkey

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    N3t needs an octo puss Great effort Jayson!
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    You did tell me you were gonna do this, looks lovely. Phoenix next?
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    I think the recommended gear is a bit high-end lategame gear.. it would have been nice with a 'minimum' and maybe a 'preferred' picture instead of the required, as you can do it in shittier gear than that. Other than that, great guide! I'd like to see kalphite queen next, get those drygores man!
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    Well made guide, cant really say anything bad about it.
    Next boss:Kq?
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    im also gonna vote kq since its going to win anyway =P

    as a side note there is a safespot when you use an offensive familiar that lets you camp for much longer than as described in this guide next time i go to the island ill take a screenshot to show everyone.
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