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Thread: Patch notes #30 (Jungle sets rebalance)

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    Greetings Warscapians!

    This week i've been tinkering with the Celestial and Primal jungle sets.
    With the release of the Sagittarian set, hitting 1000+ on monsters became a regular thing.
    The other 2 sets couldn't keep up and so I was left with 2 choices.

    I could think of dumb ways to make the other 2 sets overpowered to make the jungle sets an overpowered combat triangle.
    Or I could think of careful ways to nerf the Sagittarian set, and easy fix which would take less than a day and fix the entire problem.

    So obviously I buffed the bejesus out of the other 2 sets.

    Without further ado, I give you the changes:

    Sagittarian gear will not give a total of 20% increased defense after shooting 5000 arrows instead of 50%.

    Sagittarian gear provided solid offensive stats for melee (stab, slash and crush) which it shouldn't have had. Those stats were significantly reduced.

    The abovementioned stats have been moved to the Primal top and bottom parts of the set.

    The celestial effect (blocking 100% of incoming damage when wearing the full set) now has a 1 in 6 chance of triggering instead of 1 in 10.

    Jungle sets (Primal, Celestial and Sagittarian) are now removed from PVP. They are too strong for player versus player combat.
    Wearing a single piece of the sets will block you from dealing damage to other players.
    The Free For All zone (fun pk) is excluded from this!

    [Celestial Staff]

    The celestial staff has received a major improvement.
    When wearing the full celestial set, you can now operate the staff to pick 1 of 4 spells.
    These spells are unique to the Celestial staff and are free to cast!

    [Celestial Strike]

    Drops 4 celestial stars from the heavens striking the target with
    4 attacks.
    This attack deals
    objective damage!
    This means the amount of damage this spell deals will not give you reward or help you get the kill when fighting a boss with other players.
    However this also means the damage ignores defense and prayer completely.

    This spell is perfect for wearing down tough solo bosses.

    [Solar Warmth]

    Fires a strong ball of solar fire.
    This attack is a regular magic attack and can hit up to 900.
    Additionally there is a
    10% chance for the solar warmth to envelop you too.
    This warmth will heal you for
    500 constitution points.
    This attack is perfect for standing your ground against damage dealers.

    [Dark Energy]

    A strange spell which initially doesn't deal any damage.
    However the spell triggers a curse which will start dealing
    damage per second to your target.
    You can
    stack this curse several times to increase the amount of health taken per second.
    This attack is perfect for a long term investment.
    If high hits still aren't enough to take down a boss, triggering this attack over and over will keep speeding up the rate at which your target's health is melting.


    A beautiful spell which fires a spell in the form of a light spectrum. It's a rainbow spell!
    This spell deals little over 500 damage and increases your current magic level by 10 all the way up to
    180/99 magic.
    This spell is perfect to start off with in order to boost your accuracy. At 180 magic your
    Solar Warmth will hit over 1000 with ease.

    [Primal Weapons]

    Primal weapons have received a buff. Each weapon is enhanced in their own way.
    These notes explain their effects and describe the Primal Warriors for those interested in the lore aspect of the game (couldn't help myself).

    Battleaxe: Bloodthirst

    A reckless technique lunging at the chest of your opponent. Cleaving them open. Dealing bonus damage by causing gaping wounds.
    "Primal warriors outlasted any warrior on the battlefield, after a long battle they felt healthier than in normal life"
    The drawn blood from your opponent grants you life as the misery of your opponent heals you.

    Longsword: Honed Hate

    A skillful technique granting superb accuracy and moderate strength while also increasing your attack up to 180/99.
    "Primal warriors were masters of dueling. Longsword users were known to end a duel with a single attack, breaking the enemy guard while also slashing down on their chests"
    This technique leans towards a safe strategy employing a shield with also attacking with skill and precision.

    Warhammer: Unrelenting Fury

    A brutal technique, strong for a 1 handed technique. Also increases your strength up to 180/99.
    "Primal warriors were feared for their ability to shatter shields with a single blow"
    This technique leans towards a safe strategy employing a shield with also attacking with fury and strength.

    Dagger: Intent to kill

    A fierce technique consisting of double slashes with surprising accuracy.
    "The women among Primal civilization were known to assassinate people who tried to involve their people into politics or plots"
    Designed to quickly cut away all that stands in your way, this technique is good for disposing multiple enemies.

    Rapier: Piercing Death

    A special technique focussing completely on harming and killing your target.
    "Adolescents among the Primal people were taught this technique to be of use before they reached their prime"
    By thrusting the rapier into your foe with a relentless strength and precision your attack grants unparalleled accuracy.
    This attack will almost never miss.

    Spear: Last man standing

    A ruthless technique originally created to mow down multiple enemies.
    "Primal warriors stood their ground 1 against 10. The sight of their armor was enough to scare away entire battalions of enemies"
    In time this technique became a single combat technique in which it uses it's devastating agression to hit the target between 1 and 4 times each attack.

    Maul: Absolute Obliteration

    A widely feared technique owed to the wielder's disregard for his own safety while striking the maul with all his might.
    "Older Primal warriors were known to pick up this weapon when their longing for a glorious death became larger than their need for a safe life"
    No weapon can produce the might this maul brings. But a mighty heart can cause a blind eye, this technique comes with the cost of accuracy.

    2H Sword: Primal Prowess

    A legendary technique consisting of the mastery of primal fighting styles.
    "Few Primal warriors ever mastered this stance, the ones who did were among the leading force of their civilisation."
    One might say this is a more dangerous version of the longsword style, but the gap in power is nothing to joke about.
    This sword brings forth amazing strength and power while also requiring an accurate and precise technique to wield.

    Kiteshield: Master of Pain

    A famous technique using the combat-seeking mindset of the Primal fighters in combination with a strong shield.
    "The Primal fighters were seen as monsters. When an attack hit their shields, they did not grunt or stagger, they laughed and countered the attack with ease"
    When you receive a hit on this shield, 1 of 4 effects will be triggered.
    1) 5% of your incoming damage is also regained as prayer points.
    2) 10% of your incoming damage is regained as health.
    3) 20% of your incoming damage is regained as summoning points.
    4) Your special bar is restored by 25 points.

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    wow amazing patch notes guess it s time to get cele and primal!
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    Woah, I can tell you put A LOT of work into getting everything with the jungle sets correct. Amazing job Solaire!
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    Noob, still cbf to get cele. xD
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    Do we deserve you as our developer? My god...

    Thank you for the depth of description (and lore tehe)
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