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    Sotd or Suggestion Of The Day is a daily suggestion thread series in which i will attempt to talk no jutsu a new and original suggestion topic each and every day in order to bolster forums activity and provide inspiration to our development team. each thread will be named and numbered following this format "Fate's S.O.T.D. #x" giving no indication of the update hidden inside so that you never really know what your going to get.

    ok so the lobsters on the jungle island drop sweets in the green red and blue variety but thus far the green blue and red sweets have all gone pretty much unused since they only heal 5 hp each and still have a delay between eating them as well as still interrupting combat. there are honestly a few things you could do to make these a bet less of "dead content" and a bit more useful and desirable and actually worth picking up when you kill lobs for their other items.

    there are two main ways to do this that i see one is make the individual sweets more useful, and the other is to use them in something else that is useful, so here is what i came up with.

    1. buff to the sweets by increasing the hp healed to a more beneficial amount such as 15 hp each or so(so as to be not as good as other foods but stackable

    2. increase hp regen slightly and give each type of sweets an effect of some type for ex (blue: 10 hp and +5 pray restore) (green: 10 hp and 10 pts stat restore) (red: heal 5 + 5-20 at random)

    3. combine them into something like purple sweets or some other useful consumable for ex: 1 red 1 blue 1 green= 1 purple sweet.

    4. change their mechanics so that they have little delay between eating them so that they can be spam eaten (within reason) and or make them not interrupt combat when eaten.
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