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Thread: Sondre's Forum Mod/Global Mod Application

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    - Name: Sondre

    - Username: Sondre, Saur

    - How long have you been with Warscape: Since the beta, August of 2017

    - What rank are you applying for: Forum Mod/Global Mod(as I'm already in-game moderator)

    - Do you have experience with this position: I've been a forum mod on a previous server of the owner(s)

    - Why should we pick you, What makes you unique: I spend a bunch of time online, and check out the forums at least thrice a day, checking for new posts and reading through them. Not that unique from any other forum user, but what can I say.
    I keep an eye out for both good and bad threads/posts, making sure to give my two cents about stuff that I think deserves it.

    - Additional information: I think with forum mod powers, I would spend even more time on the forums. Giving my two cents on more threads that I am currently doing - possibly upping my forum activity with threads of my own, stickying threads that deserve to be stickied, and possibly adding more content to the forums for new and old players. Most of this could be done without forum mod powers, I realize that, but I'd like to help out the owners in the ways I can.
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    I love you.
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