S.O.T.D. #5

Sotd or Suggestion Of The Day is a daily suggestion thread series in which i will attempt to talk no jutsu a new and original suggestion topic nearly every day in order to bolster forums activity and provide inspiration to our development team. each thread will be named and numbered following this format "Fate's S.O.T.D. #x" giving no indication of the update hidden inside so that you never really know what your going to get.

i got caught up and busy for the last two days irl so im posting a slightly longer suggestion and ill be skipping one day and only posting 2 threads today

Jungle skilling

currently there is barely any methods of skilling inside the ancient jungle/and its sub-zones (basically just fishing) and this proposition is pretty simple, add some.

brimhaven agility arena or possibly even a custom agil area.

since the ancient jungle already has a base agility req of 61+ and some things requiring as high as 99 it would make sense to lock any expansions to agility (which it desperately needs) as jungle content. the brimhaven arena feels perfect as it has the ticket dispensers and each time a player reaches a destination they would get tickets then, you would make the obstacles have varying lvl req from 70-90 allowing navigation to get easier as you level up and allowing for slight rate increases over time each time an obstacle is unlocked. alternatively a custom agil arena could be produced inside the ancient jungle or its sub-zones somewhere

a higher level version of siphoning nodes that requires 90 rc & the omni staff to be equipped to siphon from providing fast exp and very fast accumulation of energy fragments as well as random runes per every siphon and could be placed south of the swamp snake. the rc sets could provide reduced damage for each peice equipped upto a maximum of 80% also providing the best rc exp.


new patches or possibly just a new custom method of training it as is farming is definitely one of the more frustrating skills to train and either adding patches to train on or an alternative training method entirely i feel everyone would greatly appreciate. as far as custom farming methods go, its really upto the imagination, upon wandering the jungle iv noticed that the re are a lot of plants with interaction options possibly some type of skill where you run around and interact with various plants for research notes that you can turn in to some npc?

Mining several really good options here anything from gem rock mining to blurite or any of the other weird ores in rs (could be come an alternate source of onyx with mining outfit) the gem rock node would provide opal jade topaz dragonstone and possibly an exclusive gem with a special use and when wearing a golden mining outfit it would also provide a chance at receiving an onyx for blurite it would allow players to craft blurite swords and crossbows which could be used for some interesting content. this mining hotspot would be lvl 90 req and provide the best mining exp ingame


hunter could be massively improved by adding some spawn clusters for red chins and possibly black chins or other hunter npc's to capture, the red chins would need to be in tightly packed span groups of 4-5 chins with no spawns exceeding 3 tiles distance from another preferably just put them in an x or cross pattern, this would allow for efficient hunting of red chins making a massive qol improvement for hunter and also adding more life into the ancient jungle over world. if black chins are in the source they could also be placed in spawn clusters of 3 or so in a couple locations providing very good exp when caught.


pretty easy here just buff the eucalyptus trees to make them give good woodcutting exp and find a use for the logs like maybe fletch them into kindling to burn.