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    Greetings Warscapians!

    Welcome to patch notes number 33!
    This update includes some quality of life changes along with some new content for the game.
    This patch has been a combined effort from me, Fate and Dr Cortexe.

    - Fixed an issue where killing hobgoblins would teleport you to the Balance War minigame.

    - Fixed an issue where the Nomad quest would not finish upon slaying the Nomad.

    - Fixed an issue where Dragon arrows with poison effects up to p++ could not be fired from bows.

    - Web Cloaks are now untradeable

    - The Ancient Jungle now requires a total level of 2000 to enter. This is just the beginning of the jungle changes we have planned.

    - The ::arrow command for Sagittarian users has been expanded. Players may now use ::arrow to open up the same old dialogue, but may also use ::arrow1 ::arrow2 up to ::arrow6 to toggle between the arrow effects.

    - Resource bags from the skill point shop have had their rewards improved, they will now have bigger yields. Rune bags have had their loot table reworked. Gem bags from the vote books are now functional.

    Elemental Ore Mining

    Players will now find Elemental Rocks in the mining area which can be mined after you have achieved a mining level of 95 and a slayer level of 85.
    These rocks can be mined with any pickaxe.

    Upon mining you'll notice these rocks are a little.. strange.

    As you continue, the strange rock will come to be an Earth Elemental and it will attack!

    This Earth Elemental cannot fight for himself,
    he has a max hit of 0.

    However this strange creature has a very effective way of defending itself.
    It will
    reflect 100% of your damage back onto you!

    So the bigger your damage, the bigger the risk!
    These tanky creatures have 7500 health, which will take you about 25 tuna potatoes.
    This creature can be fought by anyone at any combat level because the threat it poses is equal to your own.
    After you win the fight, the creature will drop some Elemental Ore.
    This will yield
    100k mining experience and 50k slayer experience!

    Elemental Ore Smithing

    After obtaining some ore, you can go to the furnace and build Elemental Bars.
    The recipe is:
    3 elemental ores and 300 energy fragments.
    This will yield
    100k smithing experience!

    After making a total of 3 bars, the player can use them on the anvil to craft an Elemental Shield.
    This will yield
    500k smithing experience!

    Elemental Shield

    The Elemental Shield is an early to mid game item intended for players between combat level 50-120.
    This shield has no impressive combat stats, but will reflect 15% of incoming damage onto your target, making it a useful shield before the player reaches a DFS or higher type of shield.

    Bob's Island!

    his update is Dr Cortexe's first. This island allows the player to take the form of a cat to train combat and fishing!

    Getting there

    To get to the island, a player needs a Golden Magic Feather which can be obtained from regular PVM caskets.

    This feather will take you to the island any time you want, provided you have nothing equipped and nothing in your inventory but the feather.
    During the teleport you will take the shape of a
    Once arrived the player will meet Bob the cat.

    The player can spend Unusual Fish as currency in a shop filled with fluffy kittens!

    Obtaining the Unusual Fish

    To obtain Unusual Fish, the player has 2 options.

    The player can fight the strange creatures on the island. These will drop the unusual fish.

    Additionally the player may search for fishing spots and try to catch some.. interesting prey!
    The prey you catch is depending on your fishing level!

    Cooking some... fish?

    As you train your fishing you'll notice some fish-like things popping up in your inventory.
    These strange catches can be put into Bob's cooking pots to yield some cooking experience!

    Bob's Island will most likely be expanded upon in future updates!

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