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    Greetings Warscapians!

    This is quite the special update. This is our very first
    SPONSORED update!
    This means someone donated for this area and decided to make the area public.
    This person is
    G0ds W0rior also known as Matthew.

    Underwater Cave

    This area is accessed by the "Underwater Cave" teleport in Dungeon Teleports.
    This cave currently has 2 main points.

    World-Gorger Shukarhazh

    This boss is the underwater kingpin!

    A giant squid-like monstrosity ready to take on multiple of you at the same time!
    This boss will attack you with several styles and attacks.
    This boss drops the new
    Catalytic Staff and a new pet called Elemental Creature.

    Cave of inprisoned Elementals

    A cave with 4 types of elementals locked away from the world!

    This cave requires you to pay a toll to enter the cave.
    The toll will go to G0ds W0rior (if he is online).
    After paying the toll you may enter and leave the cave at will UNTIL LOGOUT.

    These elementals are magic users and can only be harmed by a
    Catalytic Staff.
    After obtaining this staff from
    World-Gorger Shukarhazh you can start fighting these.

    These elementals will drop keys (air/water/earth/fire) which can be used to upgrade a Catalytic staff to an elemental staff.
    Warning: The elemental staff will no longer allow you to harm the elementals so make sure to have a spare Catalytic Staff.

    The elemental staves will function like Tridents and automatically autocast a certain set spell.
    You can [OPERATE] your staff to set the spell right away and not need a melee attack first.
    These spells are elemental bombs, a direct upgrade to wave spells in terms of damage.

    The Air Staff will cast Air Bomb

    The Water Staff will cast Water Bomb

    The Earth Staff will cast Earth Bomb

    The Fire Staff will cast Fire Bomb

    After receiving a Power Crystal (obtained as rare drop from
    World-Gorger Shukarhazh)
    you can use the crystal to upgrade one of your elemental staves.

    The new staff will be Empowered!
    Empowered Staves will function as a regular staff.
    You will be able to cast other spells with it like with any staff.
    You can however [OPERATE] them in your equipment screen to toggle their own spell.

    The Empowered Air Staff will cast a stronger version of Air Bomb

    The Empowered Water Staff will cast a stronger version of Water Bomb

    The Empowered Earth Staff will cast a stronger version of Earth Bomb

    The Empowered Fire Staff will cast a stronger version of Fire Bomb

    The Empowered Bomb spells can hit up to 550+ and are the second strongest spells after the Celestial Spells.
    The Empowered Bomb spells also have improved projectiles and graphics to show their strength.
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    What a great looking update; can't wait to test it out.
    And cheers to Matthew for coming up with this content idea!
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