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    Farming in Warscape is the process of growing crops by planting seeds in farming patches. This skill is beneficial to novice players seeking out herbs needed for mid to high tier potions that either cannot be purchased via NPC, or the herbs themselves are difficult to come by. Listed in this guide is the crops available in Warscape, their level requirements, and the experience given from planting and harvesting crops.

    Experience is primarily gained through planting seeds and harvesting crops. To begin farming, click on the skills tab and click on the farming skill icon to teleport to the farming area. This location has one flower patch, one herb patch, and one allotment patch (the SE patch is nonfunctional). The items needed for farming are as follows:
    Seed Dibber
    Watering Can (1-8)
    All supplies and seeds can be bought from Martin the Master Gardener. To plant a seed, use a rake on a patch to clear the patch of weeds. Next, with a seed dibber in the inventory, use the seed on its corresponding patch to plant it. To make it grow, use a watering can on the patch to begin the growing process. Each crop takes a different amount of time to finish growing. When a crop is finished growing, this message will pop up in the message box:

    To harvest the crop, with secateurs in the inventory, click on the patch while standing next to it, and the inventory will be filled with that crop until the plant is depleted.

    This section shows the amount of experienced received when planting a seed and harvesting its corresponding crop per plant. Numbers in this color indicate experience gained without the Well of Goodwill or bonus experience day (1.5X),and this color is the experience gained when the Well of Goodwill or bonus experience day (1.5X) is active.

    Allotment Patch

    (level-1) Potato
    Planting Experience: 21/32
    Harvesting Experience: 746/1,119
    (level-5) Onion
    Planting Experience: 32/49
    Harvesting Experience: 1,274/1,912
    (level-7) Cabbage
    Planting Experience: 57/86
    Harvesting Experience: 1,839/2,759
    (level-12) Tomato
    Planting Experience: 80/120
    Harvesting Experience: 3,123/4,685
    (level-20) Sweetcorn
    Planting Experience: 143/215
    Harvesting Experience: 4,119/6,179
    (level-31) Strawberry
    Planting Experience: 240/361
    Harvesting Experience: 4,259/6,389
    (level-47) Watermelon
    Planting Experience: 310/465
    Harvesting Experience: /9,644

    Flower Patch
    (level-2) Marigold
    Planting Experience: 128/192
    Harvesting Experience: 1,285/1,928
    (level-11) Rosemary
    Planting Experience: 172/258
    Harvesting Experience: 2,852/4,278
    (level-24) Nasturtium
    Planting Experience: 216/325
    Harvesting Experience: 4,144/6,217
    (level-25) Woad
    Planting Experience: 240/361
    Harvesting Experience: 4,259/6,389
    (level-26) Limpwurt
    Planting Experience: 286/429
    Harvesting Experience: 4,522/6,784
    (level-52) White Lily
    Planting Experience: 472/708
    Harvesting Experience: /10,147

    Herb Patch
    (level-9) Guam
    Planting Experience: 128/192
    Harvesting Experience: 3,626/5,440
    (level-14) Marrentil
    Planting Experience: 140/210
    Harvesting Experience: 4,765/7,148
    (level-19) Tarromin
    Planting Experience: 152/229
    Harvesting Experience: 6,520/9,780
    (level-26) Harralander
    Planting Experience: 168/252
    Harvesting Experience: 6,954/10,431
    (level-32) Ranarr
    Planting Experience: 194/292
    Harvesting Experience: 7,334/11,001
    (level-36) Toadflax
    Planting Experience: 218/327
    Harvesting Experience: 7,668/11,502
    (level-44) Irit
    Planting Experience: 271/407
    Harvesting Experience: 8,597/12,896
    (level-50) Avantoe
    Planting Experience: 322/483
    Harvesting Experience: 9,462/14,193
    (level-56) Kwuarm
    Planting Experience: 496/744
    Harvesting Experience: 12,019/18,029
    (level-62) Snapdragon
    Planting Experience: 632/948
    Harvesting Experience: 13,915/20,873
    (level-67) Cadantine
    Planting Experience: 838/1,257
    Harvesting Experience: 14,799/22,199
    (level-73) Lantadyme
    Planting Experience: 906/1,359
    Harvesting Experience: 15,363/23,405
    (level-79) Dwarf Weed
    Planting Experience: 962/1,444
    Harvesting Experience: 16,244/24,367
    (level-85) Torstol
    Planting Experience: 1,076/1,615
    Harvesting Experience: 17,148/25,723

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