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    IGN - Trezzyy (Main), Trezzy (Iron)

    Position(s) I am Applying to - Administrator/Moderator

    Responsibilities -
    Ensure that the players are having a fun and fair time playing on Warscape.
    Help and solve any problem that arises within new/old players.
    Encourage the player base to have a great time playing.
    Find and report exploits and bugs.
    Be active.
    As the rules states for Administrators to look after the PvM aspect of the server, and to perform Mod duties if there are no available Mods.

    Experience - Was a Co-Owner of a smaller 720 Server about 2 years ago, an Admin on another small server and also this server called Divine-Reality it was pretty popular but it has been shut down. Also a Mod on another smaller server that has shut down now. I have some experience with Java scripts but not the best.

    Time Playing Warscape - So far I have 83h with my newer account Trezzyy, and 67h with Trezzy. A total of 150h

    About Myself - Hello my name is Brodie, Trezzy(IGN) I am 20 years old and I live in Ontario, Canada, I have been playing Rsps' & Osrs for about 7 years. I love to play games like League of Legends, Overwatch, WoW, etc. Im a very active person as I try to workout once a day, and play sports such as, Hockey, Soccer, and Football(American). I have a deep bond to Runescape and Rsps' because it was my first MMORPG that I have played, it will always have a place in my heart for my favorite games.

    Why Should I be Accepted? - Well I'm am VERY active as I work through the mornings and play pretty much all night where there usually isn't any form of staff online at the time. I am an easy going and fun guy, easy to get along with. I find myself more mature, and I can handle most problems with both parties ending up satisfied. I love this server as it has been all that I have been playing pretty much for the past 2weeks now and I plan to keep on playing and to try my best to keep it up and going even if I have to throw money at Solaire so it keeps up. Towards the Administor role, I love to PvM that is what I play to do is to kill things so you'll always see me bossing or killing mobs to get all the loot :P

    Thank you for the consideration.
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