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    Greetings Warscapians!

    This is something which may as come as a surprise to you all but
    these are gonna be my first patch notes! Hooray!

    Also, as some of you may know I was able to administrate various things throughout warscape,
    however I have been given more responsibility and will be able to assist you
    all more in the future!

    So let's get on with the patch notes.

    The Warscape Bar

    We're a bit late on announcing this one but a bar has been added to the gnome stronghold thanks to Halsey who
    happened to
    sponsor this part of the update and has been dedicated to him.
    The bar can be accessed with
    ::bar .

    The Bar comes with a great variety of beverages that have all sorts of different and amusing effects.
    Be sure to try them all out!

    The bar also comes with a place to rest and is also equipped with a bank for those who forgot to bring their wallet.
    Sorry but we won't be starting tabs any time soon.

    Beefy Bills outragous Demand

    You may have noticed that we have a new NPC joining us at home base.
    Beefy bill is in need for your assistance and wants you to retrieve the legendary sword Excalibur!

    You will have to fight dangerous monsters and even a legendary dragon to get to it, there's even some cool loot along the way.

    The cool loot includes;

    An Ardougne cloak which has teleport which may be subject to change.

    Varrock armour which has a chance at negating damage.

    Fremmenik sea boots which gives you buffed stats.

    And last but not least, The Falador shield that can recharge your prayer points!

    After completing the quest you will be able to access new versions of the area's found in the quest which drop strange fragments*.
    These can be used to upgrade your new found loot and Bill will accept them as payment for his wares!**

    * Fragment Droprates are subject to change and are currently being tested with the current droprate.
    ** Bills shop will recieve more items in the future depending on demand. His current wares are too subject to change.

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    If you wanna contact me, you can do so through steam at the link down below.
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    These are proud moments :')
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